Posted by  •  March 13

Boston band, Quilt, plays with vintage tones and old school musical techniques that send you back in time. Flirting with ideas of droning ambiance and 60's era insrumentation and harmonies, Quilt make beaitfully expansive and warm tracks that linger and float effortlessly as you listen. Releasing their self-tilted...

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March 10  • 

Preston Lovinggood: ‘Shadow Songs’

The name Preston Lovinggood to most people is simply that, just a name. To his near cult following, Preston Lovinggood is a sort of creative...

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February 26  • 

Inland Ocean: ‘Osprey’

There was a report about Richmond, Virginia recently that said, "while you weren't looking, Richmond got cool." Well, if indie folk outfit, Inland...

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February 18  • 

Premiere: TOONS- ‘Milkin’

What originally began as a side project between four dudes, New York's, TOONS, have slowly grown into full fledged band. TOONS' sound is playfully...

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February 13  • 

Quick Listen: Swearin’: ‘Here to Hear’

Keeping it real, New York punk outfit, Swearin', simply kick lots of ass. Making use of their talents, Swearin' is part of the increasingly popular...

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February 11  • 

Premiere: Opus Orange- ‘Balance’

Making their home in Southern California, Opus Orange, is largely the product front man, Paul Bessenbacher (PB). Releasing a handful of music across...

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February 5  • 

Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s: ‘Hello, San Francisco’

Perhaps one of the most under appreciated groups of late, Margot & The Nuclear So and So's, are a Mid-Western indie folk rock band whose...

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